Vintage trams HDR extravaganza

tram 47 0_1_-1_tonemapped

With special permission to enter the Bendigo tramways gas depot, the opportunity to photograph rare vintage trams was to good to pass up. This blog is part 2 of that trip…

High Dynamic Range photography, often called HDR, is a method of prost-processing of photographs which can illuminate what lurks in  the shadows. Extrapolating this further allows the extreme contrasts in colours which can often reveal things not seen by the naked eye. Artifacts such as oil stains, rust pitting and multi-layered paint can become vibrant.

Like all art, some people love it whilst others hate it.

Personally I do enjoy tastefully done HDR that conveys a feeling, enhances the items history or injects energy into the medium. Yes it can be overdone, this is were the art side of the technique comes into to play with the artist walking a fine line between under-baked and crass colour burn out.

I found the Bendigo Tramways site to be a great location for capturing HDR friendly material.It produced so much material that I opened a HDR specific section within my redbubble site.

Please enjoy my latest gallery of HDR and let me know if you like, dislike or indifferent to the technique…

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