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FTL drive theory and weaponisation

Whilst conducting some research for Cyber Nightmares #2, I got distracted with some research for a new sci-fi anthology I am working on and I stumbled across some great info on current Faster Than Light (FTL) theories and R&D acivities to … Continue reading

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Coolest father in the world?

How does leaving a family photo on the moon rate in the coolest Dad competition? Pretty high I think… This interesteing little feat, carried out by Charles Duke on Apollo 16’s moon mission, caught my attention. It adds inspiration and … Continue reading

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Bogans, birthdays and burnouts

I had the distinct pleasure of being invited to, and partaking in, an event rarely witnessed by the outside public….a BOGAN BIRTHDAY!!! Well, sort of a bogan birthday, it was a 40th with the theme of Bogans. For those unfamilair … Continue reading

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Landscapes and photobombs

I often catch my eye wandering over landscapes that others find “unexciting”. Through the lens of my camera the world appears to transform before my eyes to a thing of beauty through which I can share with others. Today I … Continue reading

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Sports photography

We have been regularly attending our local Womens National Basketball League (WNBL) games for the Bendigo ‘Spirit’. We have been to as many games as possible right throughout the season and their last game of the season, prior to the … Continue reading

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