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Sci-fi inspiration

As a huge Sci-fi fan and having enjoyed anime since I discovered it in the mid 80s with the likes of Robotech, an Americanisation of 3 Japanese animes including Macross, I can’t go past Macross Frontier for sci-fi inspiration. As my … Continue reading

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Iran + Photoshop = LOLs

I often laugh at the stupidity of Governments, I also cry at their ineptitude too and every now and then I get to do BOTH! Muuuhahahaha… A friend pointed an article out to me today, which details the Iranian Governments … Continue reading

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Nature, machine and the past

I am often gob smacked by beautiful panoramas or close ups of nature, just like most people, but I increasingly find beauty in areas others don’t see it. Often aging infrastructure is just such an inspiration, be it old bridges, … Continue reading

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Man or Woman…whom rules?

One of my creative inspirations is the “Epic Rap Battles” team. After starting with a few skits on you tube and 2 years work they now have over 400 million hits for their ERB series and they make BANK big … Continue reading

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Inspirations – technology challanges the world order

As I keep my eyes peeled over the world wide web and its “evil twin sister” – the deep dark web, oh and not lets forget the version even I fear to tread the “big brother of the underworld” – … Continue reading

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