Spiders, rust and ye olde machinary

Title of this blog speaks for itself…HD versions available at my redbubble site.

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TIE fighter – finemolds, 1/72 PT 1


TIE fighter with Vindicator class Star Destroyer in background.

Star Wars, in particular the Imperial TIE fighter, has always been a great source of entertainment and interest. I recently got my hands on a finemolds 1/72 TIE fighter which I have just completed about 90% of – weathering yet to do.

Being so excited by this fantastically created model, I couldn’t hold back on sharing the 1st pics of it. I think it looks great at this stage and the weathering / final tweaks will take another few days (wife + 4 kids are higher priority), so here she is…


Once fully complete, watch out for Pt2.


Still in the box but coming soon, in the same scales are;

  1. Darth Vader’s TIE experimental
  2. TIE Inteceptor
  3. X-Wing
  4. Y-Wing
  5. AT-AT Walker

Which one do you think should be next?

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Creative through design


Celebrations all-round.


The long term goal of my blog is to kindle the flame of creativity in myself as well as encouraging others to shake off the shackles of hard logic. My latest break through has been the launching of ‘Trains of War‘, n-scale armoured model trains commencing with WWII.

Celebrating this personal breakthrough, for the entire month of February I will be making my current collection of four e-books FREE for anyone wishing to download them from smashwords, barnes and nobles, ibooks and kobo. This includes the latest versions of;

Sister #2 is nearing completion and might even make it as part of the FREE February offer.

I hope that by downloading and reading these novellas or checking out the new Trains of War, you too might become inspired to create some gems of your own and share them with your fellow blog readers and the entire world.


Cyber Nightmares #2

Note: The distribution process kicks of at the Smashwords site and is distributed to the others over a few days so please use the smashwords site first to ensure FREE copies.

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Rust in Peace

Farm 2 -.5And9more_fused2

‘Rust in Peace for your work day is done’, these thoughts drift through my mind as I reflect on our days outing for the Australia Day long weekend.

Exploring the backroads of Central Victoria whilst helping out a farming friend, basically  looking after his sheep / crop whilst he takes the family for a week or so of holidays, lead us down some not so well travelled back roads. To the locals, these dirt tracks are home and considered just a means of travel – as is human nature to become ho-hum with regular surrounds. To me, these roads uncovered a relatively secret local history of +100 year old post office, a small graveyard of classic cars and earlier in the week we also hit the historic inland port of Echuca.

In hindsight, this journey into local history provided me and my family with a timely break from the harsh reality of retuning from holidays to my day job and a well earned breather from the developments being undertaken in my latest venture that also sprung from this blog – Trains of War.

Our first stop on the explorational journey was earlier in the week at the historic port of Echuca. The famous Echuca steam-paddle wharf was the fartherest inland port within Australia during her formative years. This historical wharf is on the Murray river and during flood season the river can rise high enough that the steam boats actually dock at the very top of the wharf.

The Murray River was the inland highway for Victoria and New South Wales before roads pushed inland.

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On the Australia Day long weekend Saturday, our local tourist drive took us approximately 20~24km North-West of Bendigo in Central Victoria, Australia. Our first stop was the historic Campbells forest post office is located approximately 23km NW of Bendigo, Victoria. It was established in 1876, the post office formally served the district until 1974. Despite no care takers, the location still serves as a post office drop off point for local farmers for the weekend newspapers.

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For those whom might be interested in visiting this site, the location is ‘LOT 4 Campbells Forest Wes Rd, Campbells Forest VIC 3556‘.

From a photographers perspective, the overhead summer lighting proved to be a difficult challenge however with the help of some post-processing via Lightroom, the historic site polishes up nicely.

The second half of the day saw us checking over our friends farm and through this, we stumbled upon a classic car graveyard. Like a lot of farmers, once some machinery dies it is simply moved behind one of the sheds. Here is were we found a handful of old Plymouths rusting in peace.

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With the quantity of classic machinery on hand at the farm, I have at least another dozen or so pictures that are of suitable quality to completely process. These three car pictures are but a sample of what lies in stall which I hope to bring to this blog over the next week or so. My creative skills for these pictures were exercised both in the field and at home. The compositions were toyed with due to the harsh afternoon sun, tweaked as I checked the histograms on my camera display before recomposing to try and knock out some really sharp peaks. Once home, these final pictures under went a mild batch of cleanup before HDRing and finally some healing on the ‘Plymouth #1 rust in peace‘ to remove a lens flair that was smack bang in the middle of shot.

So all in all, I found the weekend to be a great motivator for both rural exploration and photographic skill-set expansion. As for the effects of summer, upon returning home we were able to capture photographic evidence just how hot it was. The baby Galah, seen below, was found sitting on the pool cleaning ‘snake’ in an effort to escape the 36 C / 97 F heat.


Yes, it is hot, why do you ask?

If you have any questions or comments about either the locations or techniques, please leave a comment and I will get back to you.

If you really enjoyed the pictures and are looking for some hi-res versions, please click the picture below.

Barge 'B22' rests in peace

Barge ‘B22′ rests in peace

Paddle steamer carrying tourists

Paddle steamer carrying tourists

Echuca warf

Echuca warf

Plymouth #1 rusting in peace

Plymouth #1 rusting in peace

Interior of Plymout #1

Interior of Plymout #1

Interior of Plymouth #2

Interior of Plymouth #2

The front

The front

The rear has seen better days

The rear has seen better days

Campbells forest post office

Campbells forest post office

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Creativity meets physicality

Creativity kicks another goal with concept to reality and now into physicality…

Hot of the US based 3D printers, a dozen new components from across the Trains of War WWII range  arrived in Australia today.

Check out the Trains of War blog, run by yours truly, to find out more…


WWII armoured trains

Trains of War


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