A look back…

A busy 3 months with family, hobbies and commitments. Time to catch up with a mashup of pics that highlight the last ~12 weeks.


Hi-res pics can be found on my redbubble page.

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Easter trains and Aussie bushland


A busy Easter break with lots of activities for the family and a number of sights to photograph.

Photography package summaries;

  • Trains were part of the Steamrail Victoria Easter excursion, they are classic diesels from ~1950s. The Vlocity was in between A66 and the CSL/SSR set. ** Taken on Sunday **
  • The bush scenes were taken on a friends farm about 20 mins NW of Bendigo on the Good Friday.

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Hi-res pics can be found on my redbubble page.

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The final walk, the great equiliser.

The final walk, the great equaliser. Death comes to us all, some sooner than others, but it will arrive. A recent stroll through a local cemetery provided an emotional reminder of the struggles that face each person.

How we handle death is a very personal response. Some chose to ignore it right to the final moments. Others grit their teeth and plow head first into the awaiting beyond. In all cases, a dignified death is what most people hope for.

What lays beyond is often cause for either distress or wry smile with a certainty of faith.

Where does your vision of your own final days see for yourself as the grim reaper comes knocking?


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Back on the job/


Back into the abandoned Gillie Pie factory in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

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For more info on this urban exploration photo-shoot, drop over to my facebook page.


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Under the bridge


Using full auto bracketing on my #Canon 6D I am learning how to auto-bracket and burst shot 3, 5 & 7 exposure shots. These tests were under the ‪#‎Monash‬ bridge near Lake Weeroona and are 7 exposure ‪#‎HDR‬. This was a real test of camera and software as the lighting goes to the extremes of the spectrum. Without HDR you would loose the shadows or burn out the whites. Yes, it is exaggerated but I like that at the moment. Yes, I did do 7 bracket post processing with a normal finish and it did cover the dynamic range – just not as visually stimulating for me :)


See more at my facebook page @ www.facebook.com/ShayneTWright/


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