International win!

I am over the moon right now with my first international photography competition win!

The event was held by Redbubble, the category was The Perfect Reflection and my entry was Malmsbury Bridge.


In addition to the win, another sale of Happy Otter. This time in the form of a throw pillow for a customer in the US.

Zoo 10

A double win for the day!

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TIE trio – part 2


I nice review of the FM TIE series which I also completed a few weeks ago. Consider having a look at some alternative building techniques to see which suits your own personal style better…

Originally posted on VVS modelling:

Little progress has been made since my last update, consequence of tight working schedule and better weather and longer daylight resulting in my spare time being used on my mountain bike. But fear not, the builds are progressing nicely.



Much has been said about the colours, these TIEs should be painted in. While the general consensus is that Air Superiority Blue is THE correct colour, which was used on studio models, I find it way too blue on these 1:72 models and by comparing it to the shots from the movie. I have used ModelMaster 1721 (FS35237) Medium Grey, which is basically very blueish grey and really liked the result.


I find it interesting, that FineMolds used different approach with solar panel tiles with each of the kits. As you can see above, solar panels are moulded into the “wing” and one has to mask them before painting them.


TIE Fighter…

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Recharge the batteries.

Take 5 min or even a week to recharge your batteries. My wife and I managed to get 4 blissful days away from kids, our first time away in 15 years (long story), and our location of solitude was the Grampians in Victoria.

McKenzie falls (lower) @ the Grampians

McKenzie falls (lower) @ the Grampians

I have just processed a handful of pictures from our first day but intend to share more as I finish processing over the next few days.

As per usual, HD copies are on my redbubble site or just drop me an email if you want more details…

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Passing 45K views!

Part of my re-exploration of creativity has been the pursuit of photography. I am very pleased to announce to the whole world, that as my redbubble photography site approaches an 18 month anniversary, I have just passed the 45k view mark.


That’s right, my pics have been viewed over 45000 times!

Adding confidence to my already excited ego, I have even had a handful of sales!

Best of all, comments from the general public have spurred me on to greater endeavour more than any financial interest could achieve (maybe aside from a $1M picture).

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Further flaming my creativity, about 4 months ago I started on another project. A small start up modelling business for military n-scale trains called Trains of War.

This has jumped forwards in leaps and bounds. I have developed a 3D print on demand shop, populated with my own designs, established a dedicated website and sold some trains!

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I would like to thank each and every person that has followed my blog, viewed my photography, purchased my pictures or trains, read my novellas and above all thank my family for encouraging my journey…

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Spiders, rust and ye olde machinary

Title of this blog speaks for itself…HD versions available at my redbubble site.

Comments always welcome

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