Plane weekend

Just a plane old weekend. How about yours?

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Guess the event?

Guess what event happened at our house recently…

birthday cake

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Photoshop tutorial using Maldon steam train

Maldon 1_tonemapped

Maldon based J546 – processed and looking great

Aside from receiving a great deal of positive feedback about the Maldon steam shot above, I have also received a number of comments and enquirers including;

  1. what the original looked like?
  2. is it a fake?
  3. how long did it take to photoshop?
Maldon 1

Maldon based J549 – before post processing

So to encourage other photographers to give it a go, whilst also pointing out to viewers were their money goes if they by products like this one, I have put together a ~10 minute youtube tutorial which shows the process from start to finish.

Yes, the voice over by yours truly is a bit dry but heck, it was late at night. Maybe, just maybe, the next one will be more sprightly.

Please consider leaving some comments on the original youtube page and if you really like it, consider purchasing it through my redbubble site.

Until next time, have fun and take care.

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Out and about.

Maldon 1_tonemapped

Out and about around Castlemaine and Maldon on the weekend.

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Night at the park

A spontaneous photographic session of the night sky produced some fun results recently.

Night sky 2low

For my regular readers, I apologise for my lack of activity this month. I have been beavering away on a few other pet projects;

  1. writing Cyber Nightmares #3
  2. adding more products to Trains of War
  3. preparing to launch a dedicated, wholly owned by me, website that combines my writing, photography, blog, social media (FB, twitter, instagram, etc…) and general ramblings.

Night sky 1

If you are after a copy of these pictures, just go message me via the posts or go direct to my redbubble site.

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