Recharge the batteries.

Take 5 min or even a week to recharge your batteries. My wife and I managed to get 4 blissful days away from kids, our first time away in 15 years (long story), and our location of solitude was the Grampians in Victoria.

McKenzie falls (lower) @ the Grampians

McKenzie falls (lower) @ the Grampians

I have just processed a handful of pictures from our first day but intend to share more as I finish processing over the next few days.

As per usual, HD copies are on my redbubble site or just drop me an email if you want more details…

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Passing 45K views!

Part of my re-exploration of creativity has been the pursuit of photography. I am very pleased to announce to the whole world, that as my redbubble photography site approaches an 18 month anniversary, I have just passed the 45k view mark.


That’s right, my pics have been viewed over 45000 times!

Adding confidence to my already excited ego, I have even had a handful of sales!

Best of all, comments from the general public have spurred me on to greater endeavour more than any financial interest could achieve (maybe aside from a $1M picture).

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Further flaming my creativity, about 4 months ago I started on another project. A small start up modelling business for military n-scale trains called Trains of War.

This has jumped forwards in leaps and bounds. I have developed a 3D print on demand shop, populated with my own designs, established a dedicated website and sold some trains!

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I would like to thank each and every person that has followed my blog, viewed my photography, purchased my pictures or trains, read my novellas and above all thank my family for encouraging my journey…

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Spiders, rust and ye olde machinary

Title of this blog speaks for itself…HD versions available at my redbubble site.

Comments always welcome

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TIE fighter – finemolds, 1/72 PT 1


TIE fighter with Vindicator class Star Destroyer in background.

Star Wars, in particular the Imperial TIE fighter, has always been a great source of entertainment and interest. I recently got my hands on a finemolds 1/72 TIE fighter which I have just completed about 90% of – weathering yet to do.

Being so excited by this fantastically created model, I couldn’t hold back on sharing the 1st pics of it. I think it looks great at this stage and the weathering / final tweaks will take another few days (wife + 4 kids are higher priority), so here she is…


Once fully complete, watch out for Pt2.


Still in the box but coming soon, in the same scales are;

  1. Darth Vader’s TIE experimental
  2. TIE Inteceptor
  3. X-Wing
  4. Y-Wing
  5. AT-AT Walker

Which one do you think should be next?

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Creative through design


Celebrations all-round.


The long term goal of my blog is to kindle the flame of creativity in myself as well as encouraging others to shake off the shackles of hard logic. My latest break through has been the launching of ‘Trains of War‘, n-scale armoured model trains commencing with WWII.

Celebrating this personal breakthrough, for the entire month of February I will be making my current collection of four e-books FREE for anyone wishing to download them from smashwords, barnes and nobles, ibooks and kobo. This includes the latest versions of;

Sister #2 is nearing completion and might even make it as part of the FREE February offer.

I hope that by downloading and reading these novellas or checking out the new Trains of War, you too might become inspired to create some gems of your own and share them with your fellow blog readers and the entire world.


Cyber Nightmares #2

Note: The distribution process kicks of at the Smashwords site and is distributed to the others over a few days so please use the smashwords site first to ensure FREE copies.

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