Pre-dawn mist, a mystery lurks…

Cathedral in the mist #1 low

Lurking around Bendigo in the mist this morning between 4~5 am. Sometimes you can’t ask yourself “Why at this particular time?”, you just got to roll with it when the camera calls.

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Find out about the story behind these pictures via:

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RB – US Civil war Journal: Trains at War

The most powerful non-firing weapon of the US Civil War – the TRAIN!

An informative reblog about the influence trains, including armoured trains, had during the US civil war.

To see more, go to this link > US Civil War: Trains at War

US Civil war armoured train

US Civil war armoured train

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Solar + Greencoin = FREE cryptocoins + 10000 bonus coins referral

Do you have solar panels? Have you heard of cryptocoins like Bitcoin? You could be getting FREE GREENCOINs!


Personally, my 1.5kW solar panel system, aside from generating electricity for my home as well as being paid by the electricity company for excess supply, also generates me GREENCOINs. In turn, I convert some of these to BITCOINS and in the past 6 months I have generated about 0.5 BITCOINS. This may not sound like much but at the time of writing this post, BITCOINS were worth AU$300 or USD$240.

GREENCOIN Combines the wonderful world of carbon reducing energy of solar / wind electrical power and modern internet digital currencies. Best of all, if you have a solar or wind turbine system, you could be eligible to receive FREE GREENCOINs as acknowledgment of your carbon offset production of electricity.

As the GREENCOIN economy grows, it can be exchanged with other GREENCOIN users for goods and services. Right now it can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies including BITCOIN via the ALLCOIN crypto-currency exchange – think of it like exchanging US dollars for Euros. In turn, BITCOINs can be used via the internet or sold for your local currency.

So, if you have read this far you are wondering how do I sign up my system and get my hands on some GREENCOINS. It as easy as the following five steps.

1. Go to

2. Register your system (fill in the contact page and use the reference code “CRANKY SENT ME” and get a bonus 10000 Greencoins whilst they last)

3. Download a GREENCOIN wallet

4. Inform greencoin how many kW of electricity you make each reporting peroid (day, week, month…your preference)

5. Watch the GREENCOINs roll in.

Remember, fill in the GREENCOIN contact page telling them you are a new solar / wind generator and provide the reference code “CRANKY SENT ME” to be eligible to recieve a sign on bonus of 10000 Greencoins whilst they are available.

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Evening stroll

A cool winter walk reveals some eye catching scenes around Bendigo, Victoria – Australia.

Shop 1 -.5_0_0.5_-1_tonemapped

A combination of old school shops, classic theater and art gallery entrance along View St. All paid for and build between 1860~1890.

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High-res pictures can be found on my redbubble site.

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Fungus break…

I tend a pot plant on my desk at work and noticed these small fungus sprouting. They stand a massive ~3mm tall with a brilliant yellow sheen to them.

Fungus 3

With the photo bug itching at my senses, I calmed my inner creativeness and awaited the noon day ritual of those members of the human species whom are office bound, the sub-species of Homo-office.

During my lunch time break, I used a 18~55mm lens in reverse to snap of a series of macro shots.

I hope they bring a wry smile to your face…

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High-res copies can be found on my redbubble site.

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