Experiment with water


Experiments on a nearby creek on the O’Keiffe rail trail in Bendigo. Not often that free flowing water is around the region so I took the opportunity to practice.



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Back on the coast; back in to creativity.


Blissful early mornings on the beach have super-charged my creativity batteries. So much so that I have re-invigorated not only y photography but also my fiction writing too!

Sisters of Salvation: The Bishop’s Den is the follow-up novella to SOS: Cult of Z. I have been working up th plot lines that draws in new characters / creatures that hide amongst the shadows. A trio of cults are coming together to challenge the Sisterhood through ancient supernatural means.

So with the recharge, I shall be pushing ahead with;

  • revamp of my existing novella / book line-up
    • Sisters of Salvation #2: The Bishop’s Den (Plot completed and draft in progress)
    • Sisters of Salvation #1: Cult of Z (revamp cover and summation blurb)
    • Cyber Nightmares #3: Snarfed (working title – plot drafted)
    • Cyber Nightmares #2: autonomous Chaos (revamp cover and summation blurb)
    • Cyber Nightmares #1: For the sake of nine million (revamp cover, title change [?] and summation blurb)
    • Nature abhors a vacuum (revamp cover and summation blurb)
  • Develop website for novellas, photography, modelling outlet…maybe with this site or a stand  alone.
  • Start a weekly vlog on creativity / writing / photography
  • Better understanding of e-book marketing techniques

Some may say it is a bit ambitious but I love a challenge that pulls at both my heart and mind.

I hope you will join me on the next stage of my creative journey…

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~36 hour sale!

My canvas printer has a sale on big canvas, 75 by 50 cm, only $85…reduced from $140 to $85 including delivery to your door!!!

This is just a sample of suitable images on offer. Many more pictures, taken by myself, are available. Just jump over to either my Facebook ( http://tinyurl.com/znow24c) or Redbubble ( http://tinyurl.com/ofhwete ) pages to view the myriad of local and Australian scenes on offer.

If you see something else on one of my pages that you like this size, pls msg me and I will confirm that the picture has suitable quality.

Remember, this offer closes 6pm Sun 10 Jul.

To purchase, msg me via facebook with a description / link of the desired picture and we can then arrange the sale details.

Yarra walk 2

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ND filter fun

I am currently out and about north central NSW and have a chance to experiment with a newly purchased addition to my kit; a neutral density filter kit.


The set includes ND 2, 4 & 8 plus graduated 2, 4 & 8. I have an ND 16 in the mail.

My ND filter can hold up to 3 filters. During the trip, I experimented heavily with ND 4 & 8 plus a graduated 2. This comboallowed me to push my settings out to F~30, ISO 100 and exp15~30 secs depending on natural lighting in the national park.


The pictures on this blog are just 2 of the ~50 taken and are ‘out of the lens’. That is they have had no post processing other than co version from RAW to JPEG.

Overall, I am very happy with the performance and look forward to working up the remaining pictures when we get home.

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Bulk catch up

It has been a hectic few weeks with family and work resulting in a blog that suffers. In a mad dash effort to play catch up on whats been happening photographically, a bulk batch of pictures are included.

With an upcoming road trip from central Victoria through to northern New South Wales via Dubbo before heading across to the coast circa Coffs Harbour, I have taken the opportunity to acquire a set of ND filters for my Canon 6D – ND 2, 4, 8 & 16. I look forward to sharing those pictures and lessons learnt when I get back.

Along the road trip, I have already scouted some abandoned bush buildings and industry of old that I hope to drop in on. These were picked out during our last trip that way in 2015.

As usual, HD versions can be found @ my facebook or redbubble pages.


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