Reviews of Indie Novels

As part of my author’s journey, I am taking time to provide my two bobs worth on novels I have read completely. These are novellas that I feel deserve an extra bit of attention, as for the others, check my “Good Reads” feed.

Title: Running on Empty

Stars: 5/5

Description: A disease has overtaken the world. One by one the major nations have fallen, as its citizens succumb to an evil virus that turns them into mindless, flesh-eating monsters, dubbed ‘zombies’ by the media.

In Australia, there isn’t a family that isn’t touched by the disease in some way. Some people develop the symptoms for themselves, while others lose family members as prey to the foul beasts. Others are merely inconvenienced by government programs intending to protect them.

Here, their stories are told.

Liz just wants to get home to be with her family, but when her car runs low on fuel she is tempted to take a shortcut through unfamiliar, and potentially dangerous, territory. 

Title: How Jones Goes

Stars: 3/5

Description: In the late 21st century, overpopulation is a problem. There’s also the problem with mental health. In one particularly unusual asylum, there is Dr. Born (psychiatric intern) and Dr. Bloch (sexologist). And then there’s Jones. You have not met anyone like Jones. You see, it’s not every day that patients claim they are from Mars. And it’s not every day they come and go as they please. A free science fiction story filled with loads of satire (and lots of oddities that will make you shake your head) by speculative fiction author, Lawrence Dagstine.

Title: The Death of the Dollar

Stars: 3/5

Description: Overspending and over-borrowing put the U.S. in great debt to China. In 2030, China called the loan, to be paid back in gold. China knew there wasn’t enough gold in the world to cover the $40 trillion debt that had piled up over the years. China gave the U.S. “an offer it couldn’t refuse.”


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