Armoured trains have rumbled across a number of major battlefields since the inception of the locomotive. ‘Trains of War’ aims to give N scale model railroaders the opportunity to bring these epic titans of the rail to life with a unique set of rail carriages based upon the most prominent war trains of their times.

Given the unique customisations for nearly every wartrain in history, arising from regular capture and recapture by opposing armies, we have chosen to target representation over rivet counting. To achieve flexibility in design, each carriage can is ordered in 3 parts; base, main body and accessories. Each component has a standardised interface to ensure ease of fitment – any base will fit any main body and any accessories will fit any main body. This allows the customer (you), to select and customise your entire rolling stock to capture the best ‘feel’ for your rolling stock.

Want an armoured assault train? Then load up on a command car with plenty of artillery and tank turrets.

Want a rapid response troop transporter? Grab a couple of platoon cars with light anti-aircraft guns to keep away the ‘flies’.

How can I run a WWII train if my set is not that era or location? If you don’t have a WWII era scene to run a European war train, then consider a few rolling stock as ‘museum pieces’ being moved as a special run.

Overall, we hope to bring you fun through kits that provide entertainment, spark an interest in history and are cost effective for enthusiasts like you.


WWII command car with direct fire turret, vented blanking plate and a command / observation turret.



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