Find the lighter side of life…

53199969Life got you down? Wanna be a sad sack? Just remember there are always people out there whom would give their right eye to be in the position you are right now…

Until things pick up for yourself, try to get a giggle out of life as none of us are really here for that long. To help you smile, reflect on ‘happy otter’ whom was snapped at a recent trip to the Adelaide Zoo.

Such wonder and pleasure is all around us we need to but look.

Zoo 5If you like ‘HappyOtter’, I have set up a meme generator so you can share the love or have HappyOtter tell your friends what you think about life.

Zoo 10


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Bendigo Blog Directory 2014


A great local production of knowledge that brings Bendigo regional writers / bloggers together under one electronic umbrella.

Originally posted on The unofficial guide to Bendigo:

As a result of a session at the 2012 Bendigo Writers Festival, and a subsequent Twitter discussion, we thought it would be good to list some notable blogs written by Bendigonians, and here’s a few of the most recently updated:

Petit pixel blogA Vintage Crafty Adventure
Sharon’s blog about crafting, a love of vintage, op shopping, recycling old into new, and family. TF

Sonia’s musings about Bendigo and her store, Bob Boutique.

Bucket of Work
Stories, thoughts and reports by Luke and his many aliases, including Dean Holdsworth and Morrie Sinclaire.

llustrator, animator and children’s author, Crikey a.k.a. Chris Kennett. TF

Dear Bendigo, by talented writer and Bendigo favourite, Lauren Mitchell.

House of Humble
Stories and beautiful imagery about life in ‘outer’ Bendigo and ‘little things in life that make them happy’ by gorgeous couple Katie & Reuben. TFP I

Ecological sustainability educator, speaker, MC, facilitator…

View original 357 more words

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Struggling with inspiration during the dark days of winter?

Adelaide garden 2 low

If the dark and gloomy days impact you anything like me, then my fellow Southern Hemishperians (is that even a title?) are probably struggling for inspiration too.

Shorter days, lack of decent sun light and huddling in the chilly evenings drives one to shut down. Not consciously but the results are still the same, a sucking dry of desire to achieve those personal aspirations you may be harbouring, sometimes even hidden from all but your closest confidants. Perhaps a book languishes as a smoldering thought, pictures taken in summer sit idly awaiting post-processing or even just that spot of gardening that continues to elude you.

After nearly a month of flopping about in the dull-drums, I thoroughly recommend a quick injection of mother nature to shake free those cobwebs and inspire you onwards through the dark days and evenings – a touch of tawny port won’t go astray either.

How do you re-charge during these dark days of winter?

Adelaide garden 3 low A grevillea begins to bloom in the garden – beating the winter gloom.

Zoo 20 lowRespite to be found in a local sub-tropical location at the botanical gardens – great for recharging your batteries.

Zoo 19 low

An idyllic creek – let your cares wash away with the burbling brook.



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Follow the rails…

steam vic 3 0_1_-1_-2_-3_tonemapped

A kid shrieks from the rear of the car, “Train! A STEAM train!”.

Do you remember the days when you were that kid? When did your wonderment of the world cease to be for you? Was it about the same time the stress of the world knocked heavily on your door?

Throw it all in the trash can for just a few hours and renew yourself with a childhood like energy level of fun. With steam trains in town this weekend, our family took the chance for a bit of time out and for a change, the adults clocked out as well.

Chasing the train down a side street, we chugged along in time at about 40kph as my wife snapped off camera shots. All the while, kids squealed (including the teenagers) at the puffing steam giant of the rails whilst I navigated and hurled excited advice. “Fire! Fire! get that shot..I WILL watch the road…Great..look kids….wahooooo!”

Running out of road did not mean running out of fun.

Off to the Bendigo station for some close up  shots before retiring to a nearby park for another hour or so. Boy did those triple dip slides cop a flogging in order to get all our energy out, adults included. Capping the day off was a no stress sausage sizzle / BBQ that rolled from a late lunch right through to dinner.

Remember the last time you were a kid for just a few hours and how the troubles of the world melted away…Go now, be a kid again before you come off the rails for good!

steam vic 1 0_1_-1_-2_tonemapped

R754 steaming 1 0_1_-1_-2_tonemapped2

steam vic 0 0_1_-1_-2_tonemapped

Copies of these pics in HD are @ my redbubble site.


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The toy effect…

IMG_7469 Exploring creativity is fun. With a few days in Melbourne, I have been diving in camera first.

Whilst exploring the city, I captured some scenes that really came to life when I applied a tilt zoom’ post processing effect. This ‘on camera’ feature lends the scene a toy like feeling. At Southern Cross station, I came across a Y class shunter working hard to prepare regional train sets whilst metro trains go about their daily grind.

Melbourne is famous for it’s urban tram network, weaving itself across nearly every city block before branching out into the suburbs in every direction. During the day, I managed to talk my way onto a balcony 4 stories up in the middle of the Melbourne CBD. Normally the vantage point is closed to the public as it is supposed to only accessed by staff for cleaning. From this slightly elicit vantage point, I grabbed these two snaps of Melbourne trams which also lent themselves to the ’tilt zoom’ toy effect.

Have you managed to gain access to ‘off-limit’ zones in a city near you?



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