The Australian Capital

IMG_0600 Business and pleasure have come together with a week in Canberra, Australia.

Whilst attending a professional course at the University of New South Wales  / Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA), I managed to grab a few hours to photograph some of the capitals prominent features. I take all my pictures in RAW in order to allow optimum post-processing however this means that my travel laptop is unable to process them. So an update will be pending with a collection of Canberra pictures.

Whilst eagerly awaiting a chance to complete some good post processing, I started experimenting with the in-camera filters and functions as the Canon 600D converts the output to JPG. This format can then be put straight to my blog for readering /viewing pleasure.

I hope you enjoy these few ‘pan, tilt, zoom’ (PTZ) filtered pictures. They were taken from the top of Mt Ainsle, overlooks the Australian war memorial in the foreground before drawing the viewers eyes up Anzac Parade. The scene is split across the main middle focal point of Lake Burley Griffen with old parliament house, the wide white building and finally the new parliament house located under (that’s right, UNDER!) capitol hill.

Until later in the week, enjoy…


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Bliss – photo101 day 4

#photo101 rolls on with the theme of Bliss. For me, photography bliss is a clear sky, the blue hour and a full moon.

A full moon during the 'blue hour'.

A full moon during the ‘blue hour’.

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Celebrations all round, summer is here!


Celebrations all round begin with a massive 10 days of happiness for no other reason than I feel like having some fun. Some might say I am mad but *shrugs shoulders*, I am having some fun with the onset of summer.

To commemorate:

  • the return of the humble BBQ,
  • swimming,
  • longs days filled with sun-shine, and
  • the Photo 101 blog event.

I am making all of my ebooks free for 10 days. Just go to my smashwords site and use the coupon codes for the associated book and get it FREE until 16 Nov 2014.

Cyber Nightmares #1: For the sake of nine million > SV34D

Cyber Nightmares #2: Autonomous Chaos >SV34D

Nature Abhors a Vacuum > NK85P

Sisters of Salvation #1: Cult of Z > VP59V

All I humbly ask in return is that if you download and read a copy, please leave a review.

Please feel free to send this to everyone on the face of the Earth whom you think would be enjoy these books.

Shayne’s smashword profile (go here for the books):



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Day 3 of the photo 101 blog event.

My submission for today’s theme of water is actually taken about a week ago but I feel is recent enough to still be relevant to this event. Additionally, water is hard to come by in such quantities were I am in Australia so to capture this amount on camera is something to celebrate because in a few short weeks, it will be all gone from this river.

River 2

This picture is taken from the O’Kieffe rail trail bridge over the Campaspe River near Bendigo, Australia.

Technique: This is a single frame, no cropping shot. A few aspects such as clarity and contrast was increased in post processing before being split via exposure into 5 separate shots. These were then combined using HDR software to produce the final picture.

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Will you join me?

snail lowWith an itchy photographic trigger finger, I have jumped (before thinking) straight into the Photography 101 blog event being run through wordpress and twitter via #photo101 .

So my pre-event motivation today was found crawling at a sedate pace across the driveway, a humble snail. Encouraged by a damp shower, this fellow made a bold decision to run the gauntlet across our driveway. For him, the lack of a weather forecast really hurt his/her chances as the sun came out whilst only 50% across the drive.

For me, this has become a metaphor for myself jumping into this blogging event. Will I hit the start point full of zest and zeal to only see conditions change mid race, resulting in a sun baked burn out of creative energy? I have a hectic schedule this month which sees a mix of heavy family commitments and already booked interstate based work.

I ask all my readers to help infuse me with energy over the next few weeks. Figuratively poke and harass me to help motivate me through this challenge so I can become a better photographer and blogger as I attempt to post a photograph every day, based on the daily challenge theme.

Will you join me by lending some encouragement and support?

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