Take 10 minutes, it may turn into something beutiful…

River 2Whilst driving through central Victoria, spring slapped me in the face!

As I recently passed through Axedale, I once again passed over the Campaspe river and passed a fleeting eye over the O’Kieffe rail trail. The natural beuty called to me as she usually does when I have occassion to pass through. As I climbed the other side of the culvert, a thought struck me – Bugger it! Take 10 minutes to have a look…

So ucountry lane 2p the the hill my car went, only to turn around at the top and race back down.

The wooden fence rail picture was inspired the moment I saw it. It just screamed, get me from this angle and put the shot into Black and White. I felt it really worked out well, especially since I do not normally do black and white.

My message for the day, take those 10 minutes of time that the world offers, be it with others, nature or just a moment by yourself as it may turn into something beautiful.

Country lane 1River 1

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Science is fun!

dalek 1 A recent stint with my kids quickly turned from a foray into creative and practical science to one of industrial history and science fiction. The Bendigo Discovery Science Centre is a great hands on introduction for kids (and adults) into the fields of practical science. The whole facility is designed to provoke thought in a fun and physically engaging environment.

Unknowingly, the kids learn about basic principles such as:

  • Optics (e.g. bending light, refraction, perspective)
  • Sound (e.g. delays, frequency / tone)
  • Magnetics
  • Forces (e.g. gravity, centrifugal)
  • Space (e.g. solar system, stars)
  • Aerodynamics

All of these adventures into science, with kids abounding around me, we all squealed with the joy of discovery. My personal favorite is the 3 story vertical drop slide were you learn the not so gentle art of working with gravity during a 2 story free-fall before rolling out in a nice parabolic slide that completes the vector transformation from all vertical to all horizontal energy.

With all the creative energy abuzz, I turned my photographic eye to the interior of the building. It was once a maintenance shed for steam trains and dates back to the 1880~1890s.

One thing that everyone agreed with on the day out, science does not need to be dull but should be filled with fantastic interaction. In those 3~4 hours, I think my kids probably learned a years worth of class room, sanitary and sterile, class room science.

Do you find you learn from hands on or text books / instruction?

Most schools today will teach from books out of fear grown from crazy parents whom sue every time ‘Johnny’ (not his real name *blogger chuckles to self*) skins his knee.

Please, if you read this, take a stand for practical education and tell the ‘Johnny parents’ of the world to do two thing;

  1. Stop screwing up the world for everybody else and their kids
  2. If they are going to sue, then don’t do the fun activities the rest of us want our kids to experience (basically – bugger off!)

Entry to the planetarium is via a TARDIS – how fitting. This pic is of the blogger, Shayne, with one of the kids having a Dr Who moment.

Science 2 0_1_-1_2_-2_fused

An old door from within the facility, dating back to 1890 and possibly about 120 years old.

Science 1 .5_-.5_0_1_-1_1.5_-1.5_fused

One of the wheels, close up, from the old doors.

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13000 views in 12 months

Time for a celebration with nearly 12 months of creativity in photography and over 13000 views to be commemorated. What better way to reflect upon attempts to get creative juices flowing than to look at the public’s view of my top 10 photographs on Redbubble?

To have some fun with it, and to do a bit of shameless self promotion, I smashed together a new page on my blog that is ingeniously titled “Publicly voted top 10 photographs @ Redbubble“. The range selected by my viewers is quite eclectic and ranges from exotic animals to heavy industrial and the obligatory landscapes.

Feel free to wander and even follow the links to see the pics in framed HD glory.

Please, leave some feedback on wins you have had lately. Lets all share the glory and fun of creativity that humans innately have if they but let themselves explore…



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15% off for 24 hours


Ranging from animals to trains and landscapes, my photographic collection is eclectic. For the next 24 hours, this entire collection has a Redbubble discount of 15% off so if you have ‘been thinking about it’, perhaps now is the time to grab a deal.  The gamut of items are all included, such as:

  • Framed prints;
  • Ipad covers;
  • Smart phone shells;
  • Stickers;
  • Clothing; and even
  • Pillow covers.

sale1Simply got to my rebubble page, select the work you like and at the checkout use the code ‘GET15’.

Even if you are not looking for a gift, please consider dropping by the site and leaving your comments on any works that garner your attention.sale3

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12000 views and counting – thank you.

“Inspiration can be found easily in personal satisfaction.” – Shayne T Wright, 2014

One of my primary goals when I set out with this blog was to recapture my creativity. As the blog grew I found myself wanting to gain a feeling that my outlets were appreciated. They did not have to make me a fortune nor gain me fame but rather, simply to have a few people look at my work and say ‘Yes, I appreciate that.’

This week, about 12 months after deciding to pursue and publish my photography, I am about to pass 12000 views on my Redbubble site.

Thank you to all those that are making my dreams become reality and my heart to be filled with self-worth.

old bathroom reflection happy

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