O’Keffe rail trail


O’Keffe rail trail bridge built ~1888

Originally a steam rail line built in 1888 by Andrew O’Keffe to service Bendigo to Axedale, the line fell into disrepair before new life was injected in the form of a converted bike trail by the Victorian state government. The bike trail provides a picturesque, gently sloped pathway with which to pass an afternoon jaunt along.


O’Keffe rail trail, looking west along the trail

I have always admired this bridge, one of the larger footbridges upon the rail trail, which resides on the outskirts of Bendigo and took the time recently to photograph it. The bridge is the last original wooden bridge on the 27km rail trail and is nestled on a creek-line with gentle rises at either side. Most cyclists use these slopes to gain momentum for the upward climb and fail to stop to take in the ~120 year old, hand crafted, steam era bridge.


O’Keffe rail trail bridge built ~1888

I hope that these pictures draw future passer-by’s attention to the craftsmanship to the work below their very feet.

P.S. My pictures are now being published in hi-res @ http://www.redbubble.com/people/shaynetwright


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Demolition for 117 year old home



Last days of an 117 year old home.

In my last post I show cased a distressed property and just a few days later, irony strikes that very same property. Originally built in the 1890s, my local newspaper (The Bendigo Advertiser) is reporting that she is now scheduled for demolition.

The last resident, Alfred Chandler, passed away in 2008 and the 117 year old property is beyond repair. Demolition and sub-division of the ~4000 sq m (1 acre) block will probably occur in Q2 2014. Originally housing a black-smiths facility at the rear, the first owners serviced the districts’ main form of transport, namely horses, and probably prospered from the tail end of the Victorian gold rush.

Anyone lucky enough to be in the region looking to see this historic building before she makes way for something more modern, should plan to drop by sooner rather than later. The building resides on a main road / highway @ 386 Napier St, Bendigo, Victoria.



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Urban exploration pt3 – an emotional rollercoaster


The lounge room, both love and despair reside here.

Deeply disturbing yet silently beautiful, this is how I describe my latest bout of urban exploration. An historically old house, fallen into rack and ruin, fought over by family and council alike, now sits starkly proud amongst the abandoned block and she has attracted my wandering eye for a few years now. An opportunity last weekend, combined with the cool autumn light provided a unique chance to capture local Bendigo history before the bulldozers, termites or time herself won the inevitable battle we all face.

The outside is stark, much like I envisaged the people whom had once called it home. The history goes back, a blacksmith’s shop for shoeing horses used to be outback. The feel harks back to holidays spent with my now deceased grandfather, a few weeks in Urana over Christmas.

The interior reveals the lack of means to provide more modern facilities, or the desire not to. Heating was by relatively small open fire places, I asked myself whilst taking these picture – “Was the old man/women of the house able to carry wood to keep themselves warm or did they shake uncontrollably under a thin blanket during mid-winter?”. The answer, I sadly do not know. The wash room had no visible facilities for a washing machine but an old two tub, stone basin stood steadfast on the hard dirt-like floor. Overwhelmed with emotive connection, the living room spoke to me of days gone past. Was this the last refuge of joy or did the occupant draw their last breath here? Either situation would be found bathed in the warming sunshine.

During this photo shoot, humbled is how I felt then as well as when processing both the pictures and writing this blog entry. Humbled to capture a small glimpse into what was probably a very prosperous life in their time, sadly drawn into disrepair at the end…

Do you have any similair buildings that speak to you in your area or do you feel moved by the ingrained human story I have captured? Your thoughts and discussion are appreciated.


Historic Bendigo house in disrepair



Front yard hides the porch



A once proud porch



Bare kitchen cupboards, forevermore



The outhouse awaits, grab a seat…


The entrance, now hidden and overgrown.





Overgrown and hidden, a once proud family home laid low by time.

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Bitcoin humour – Satoshi is found

Beaker BTC

Satoshoi Nakamoto, founding father of bitcoins, has been found. With humour as my witness, I couldn’t resist making this meme.

Have fun and enjoy life people.

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Urban Exploration & Street Art Pt3


Art is in the eye of the beholder. To some, street art is seen as childish scribbles whilst to others it is an under-appreciated form of expression.

In my urban exploration of the regional city of Bendigo, I have come across both. Tags and bad drawings are to be found in most corners of the under-city, as per pretty much every other man-made location on the face of the Earth. Yet amongst the junk, diamonds in the rough emerge.

The same applies to the view. An open drain, made from harsh concrete, hides a rich history of a gold rush that shaped Australia. The first photograph in this blog is taken only a few hundred meters from the CBD of a regional city of 100,000 people go about their daily lives, yet the blue stone drain bed that lies hidden amongst the concrete and weeds provides a reminder of were the town came from. One has but to just look around them with an eye for the past or beauty, awaiting discovery by someone whom will appreciate it.

Amongst the urban landscape, stories await discovery…


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