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Super moon event

At the time of writing this, a “super moon” event happened. So dashing out with my trusty Canon EOS 600D, I got to snapping away in the crisp winter air at around 9pm. I took my time to play with … Continue reading

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FTL drive theory and weaponisation

Whilst conducting some research for Cyber Nightmares #2, I got distracted with some research for a new sci-fi anthology I am working on and I stumbled across some great info on current Faster Than Light (FTL) theories and R&D acivities to … Continue reading

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Coolest father in the world?

How does leaving a family photo on the moon rate in the coolest Dad competition? Pretty high I think… This interesteing little feat, carried out by Charles Duke on Apollo 16’s moon mission, caught my attention. It adds inspiration and … Continue reading

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Sci-fi inspiration

As a huge Sci-fi fan and having enjoyed anime since I discovered it in the mid 80s with the likes of Robotech, an Americanisation of 3 Japanese animes including Macross, I can’t go past Macross Frontier for sci-fi inspiration. As my … Continue reading

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