Proposal for Greencoin Affiliate program

I would like to submit the following proposal for a Greencoin Affiliate program structure.

Greencoin has come to my attention as a socially beneficial crypto-currency which would benefit from an affiliate program as a method to rapidly expand the producer base through a ‘self-perpetuating viral model (SPVM)’. The SPVM proposed, recommends that of each generators’ funding stream, a total of 7% be made available as an incentive for viral marketing through a peer to peer campaign with unused coins being returned to the generator.

For administration fee structure, see Figure 1: Producer funded affiliate administration fee structure.

Essentially, the program has a three tiered loyalty process were a person (producer, miner or ‘regular Joe’) is approved by the Greencoin foundation as an affiliate and provided a referral id. The id is generated by the foundation and may be unique (random), user defined (‘Ilovecoin4eva’) or foundation designated (ABC123).

The affiliate, seeking to expand their passive greencoin income made available by the program, then seeks to maximise participation by producers and provides the Greencoin foundation with ‘producer funded’ advertisement through the affiliate administration fee.

Upon a producer signing up to greencoin, they are encouraged to add the affiliate identifier / reference id that the affiliate provided. Once a producer signs up, they in turn are eligible to become an affiliate. This current arrangement makes a Tier 1 affiliation which provides the ‘recruiting affiliate’ with a 4% fee of all coins generated by the producer for the life of production. This 4% is taken from the overall 7% admin fee and the remaining 3% is returned to the producer. See Figure 2: Tier 1 relationship for visual depiction of the administration process.

If the producer decides to become an affiliate too, then they in turn can recruit someone to generate a 4% fee for themselves (from the 7% admin cost) , the remaining 3% is passed up to their affiliate parent whom in turn extracts a 2% affiliate fee before the remaining 1% is returned to the producer. See Figure 3: Tier 2 relationship for visual depiction of the administration process

This process is repeated to a maximum of 3 tiers from the original affiliate. See Figure 4: Tier 3 relationship for visual depiction of the administration process.

Overall, the benefits to the Greencoin foundation include;

  1. Increased producer base
  2. Increased awareness of greencoin and its agenda
  3. Producer sponsored advertisement campaign
  4. Minimal overheads for implementation

In conclusion, I hope that you consider this affiliate program to be viable and look forward to answering any questions you may have but above all I look forward to actively promoting the Greencoin eco-system as an active affiliate.


Shayne T Wright

a.k.a. Cranky4u@bitcointalk

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