Back on the coast; back in to creativity.


Blissful early mornings on the beach have super-charged my creativity batteries. So much so that I have re-invigorated not only y photography but also my fiction writing too!

Sisters of Salvation: The Bishop’s Den is the follow-up novella to SOS: Cult of Z. I have been working up th plot lines that draws in new characters / creatures that hide amongst the shadows. A trio of cults are coming together to challenge the Sisterhood through ancient supernatural means.

So with the recharge, I shall be pushing ahead with;

  • revamp of my existing novella / book line-up
    • Sisters of Salvation #2: The Bishop’s Den (Plot completed and draft in progress)
    • Sisters of Salvation #1: Cult of Z (revamp cover and summation blurb)
    • Cyber Nightmares #3: Snarfed (working title – plot drafted)
    • Cyber Nightmares #2: autonomous Chaos (revamp cover and summation blurb)
    • Cyber Nightmares #1: For the sake of nine million (revamp cover, title change [?] and summation blurb)
    • Nature abhors a vacuum (revamp cover and summation blurb)
  • Develop website for novellas, photography, modelling outlet…maybe with this site or a stand  alone.
  • Start a weekly vlog on creativity / writing / photography
  • Better understanding of e-book marketing techniques

Some may say it is a bit ambitious but I love a challenge that pulls at both my heart and mind.

I hope you will join me on the next stage of my creative journey…

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