Industrial-strength infatuation

tram 18 0_1_-1_tonemapped

A relic awaits restoration

I have an infatuation with old industrial complexes and the beasts they have spawned over the last century. Steam trains, military vehicles, derelict processing plants, etc…Recently I had the chance to organise a glimpse into the Bendigo Gas works, now a historical tram storage depot. The gas works were developed in the 1930 ~1940s to ensure electricity supply to Bendigo and the newly constructed Armaments factory just ~800m down the road / creek.

tram 25 0

Back of the furnace bunkers

So today, myself and 4 other guys from work (whom happen to work at the armaments factory mentioned before – now designing and building armoured cars / trucks), set off for an hour long lunch and to capture some photographs of this historic facility.

The gas works is not open to the general public hence the need to arrange the site visit with Bendigo tramways. A special thanks goes to them and their site OH&S volunteer, Simon, for enabling us to collect some historical aspects of the site as well as sharing his knowledge of the facilities.

tram 16 0_1_-1_tonemapped

A restored tram awaits recommissioning

Being so excited, I couldn’t wait the full 4 or 5 days to share the completed batch with my regular blog readers, so here is a sample of what is yet to come…

tram 23 0

Furnaces hungrily await food after nearly 40 years of hunger

Those were my low res images, the high res will be including in my general redbubble update in a few days when the remainder of the collection is completed. I hope you will come back for more…


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