Celebrations all round, summer is here!


Celebrations all round begin with a massive 10 days of happiness for no other reason than I feel like having some fun. Some might say I am mad but *shrugs shoulders*, I am having some fun with the onset of summer.

To commemorate:

  • the return of the humble BBQ,
  • swimming,
  • longs days filled with sun-shine, and
  • the Photo 101 blog event.

I am making all of my ebooks free for 10 days. Just go to my smashwords site and use the coupon codes for the associated book and get it FREE until 16 Nov 2014.

Cyber Nightmares #1: For the sake of nine million > SV34D

Cyber Nightmares #2: Autonomous Chaos >SV34D

Nature Abhors a Vacuum > NK85P

Sisters of Salvation #1: Cult of Z > VP59V

All I humbly ask in return is that if you download and read a copy, please leave a review.

Please feel free to send this to everyone on the face of the Earth whom you think would be enjoy these books.

Shayne’s smashword profile (go here for the books): https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/shaynetwright



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