Day 3 of the photo 101 blog event.

My submission for today’s theme of water is actually taken about a week ago but I feel is recent enough to still be relevant to this event. Additionally, water is hard to come by in such quantities were I am in Australia so to capture this amount on camera is something to celebrate because in a few short weeks, it will be all gone from this river.

River 2

This picture is taken from the O’Kieffe rail trail bridge over the Campaspe River near Bendigo, Australia.

Technique: This is a single frame, no cropping shot. A few aspects such as clarity and contrast was increased in post processing before being split via exposure into 5 separate shots. These were then combined using HDR software to produce the final picture.

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3 Responses to Water

  1. Carter Vail says:

    I love your creativity! What software did you use?

    • For initial post processing I used ‘lightroom’ to prepare the picture and to create 5 exposures then I used ‘photomatix’ to recombine into a HDR composite.
      If I get enough interest, I might put the sequence into a youtube clip.

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