Will you join me?

snail lowWith an itchy photographic trigger finger, I have jumped (before thinking) straight into the Photography 101 blog event being run through wordpress and twitter via #photo101 .

So my pre-event motivation today was found crawling at a sedate pace across the driveway, a humble snail. Encouraged by a damp shower, this fellow made a bold decision to run the gauntlet across our driveway. For him, the lack of a weather forecast really hurt his/her chances as the sun came out whilst only 50% across the drive.

For me, this has become a metaphor for myself jumping into this blogging event. Will I hit the start point full of zest and zeal to only see conditions change mid race, resulting in a sun baked burn out of creative energy? I have a hectic schedule this month which sees a mix of heavy family commitments and already booked interstate based work.

I ask all my readers to help infuse me with energy over the next few weeks. Figuratively poke and harass me to help motivate me through this challenge so I can become a better photographer and blogger as I attempt to post a photograph every day, based on the daily challenge theme.

Will you join me by lending some encouragement and support?

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2 Responses to Will you join me?

  1. I kinda fancy the challenge haha

  2. thebluespade says:

    I shall join with you (along with additional others) over at Word Press Blogging U 101. Best regards to you in your photography efforts from over here in the States. I can empathize with the pace of your subject there within your photo.

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