Take 10 minutes, it may turn into something beutiful…

River 2Whilst driving through central Victoria, spring slapped me in the face!

As I recently passed through Axedale, I once again passed over the Campaspe river and passed a fleeting eye over the O’Kieffe rail trail. The natural beuty called to me as she usually does when I have occassion to pass through. As I climbed the other side of the culvert, a thought struck me – Bugger it! Take 10 minutes to have a look…

So ucountry lane 2p the the hill my car went, only to turn around at the top and race back down.

The wooden fence rail picture was inspired the moment I saw it. It just screamed, get me from this angle and put the shot into Black and White. I felt it really worked out well, especially since I do not normally do black and white.

My message for the day, take those 10 minutes of time that the world offers, be it with others, nature or just a moment by yourself as it may turn into something beautiful.

Country lane 1River 1

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