13000 views in 12 months

Time for a celebration with nearly 12 months of creativity in photography and over 13000 views to be commemorated. What better way to reflect upon attempts to get creative juices flowing than to look at the public’s view of my top 10 photographs on Redbubble?

To have some fun with it, and to do a bit of shameless self promotion, I smashed together a new page on my blog that is ingeniously titled “Publicly voted top 10 photographs @ Redbubble“. The range selected by my viewers is quite eclectic and ranges from exotic animals to heavy industrial and the obligatory landscapes.

Feel free to wander and even follow the links to see the pics in framed HD glory.

Please, leave some feedback on wins you have had lately. Lets all share the glory and fun of creativity that humans innately have if they but let themselves explore…



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