Bendigo Blog Directory 2014

A great local production of knowledge that brings Bendigo regional writers / bloggers together under one electronic umbrella.

The unofficial guide to Bendigo

As a result of a session at the 2012 Bendigo Writers Festival, and a subsequent Twitter discussion, we thought it would be good to list some notable blogs written by Bendigonians, and here’s a few of the most recently updated:

Petit pixel blogA Vintage Crafty Adventure
Sharon’s blog about crafting, a love of vintage, op shopping, recycling old into new, and family. TF

Sonia’s musings about Bendigo and her store, Bob Boutique.

Bucket of Work
Stories, thoughts and reports by Luke and his many aliases, including Dean Holdsworth and Morrie Sinclaire.

llustrator, animator and children’s author, Crikey a.k.a. Chris Kennett. TF

Dear Bendigo, by talented writer and Bendigo favourite, Lauren Mitchell.

House of Humble
Stories and beautiful imagery about life in ‘outer’ Bendigo and ‘little things in life that make them happy’ by gorgeous couple Katie & Reuben. TFP I

Ecological sustainability educator, speaker, MC, facilitator…

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