Struggling with inspiration during the dark days of winter?

Adelaide garden 2 low

If the dark and gloomy days impact you anything like me, then my fellow Southern Hemishperians (is that even a title?) are probably struggling for inspiration too.

Shorter days, lack of decent sun light and huddling in the chilly evenings drives one to shut down. Not consciously but the results are still the same, a sucking dry of desire to achieve those personal aspirations you may be harbouring, sometimes even hidden from all but your closest confidants. Perhaps a book languishes as a smoldering thought, pictures taken in summer sit idly awaiting post-processing or even just that spot of gardening that continues to elude you.

After nearly a month of flopping about in the dull-drums, I thoroughly recommend a quick injection of mother nature to shake free those cobwebs and inspire you onwards through the dark days and evenings – a touch of tawny port won’t go astray either.

How do you re-charge during these dark days of winter?

Adelaide garden 3 low A grevillea begins to bloom in the garden – beating the winter gloom.

Zoo 20 lowRespite to be found in a local sub-tropical location at the botanical gardens – great for recharging your batteries.

Zoo 19 low

An idyllic creek – let your cares wash away with the burbling brook.



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One Response to Struggling with inspiration during the dark days of winter?

  1. Doug says:

    Great pictures. And I suppose when it’s winter here in the Northen Hemisphere you’ll be happy, but I suppose you do know that even in the Summer one must close his eyes at some point and then there are nightmares and the “Body Snatchers” episodes — I don’t suppose you’ve noticed any giant pods around there?

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