The toy effect…

IMG_7469 Exploring creativity is fun. With a few days in Melbourne, I have been diving in camera first.

Whilst exploring the city, I captured some scenes that really came to life when I applied a tilt zoom’ post processing effect. This ‘on camera’ feature lends the scene a toy like feeling. At Southern Cross station, I came across a Y class shunter working hard to prepare regional train sets whilst metro trains go about their daily grind.

Melbourne is famous for it’s urban tram network, weaving itself across nearly every city block before branching out into the suburbs in every direction. During the day, I managed to talk my way onto a balcony 4 stories up in the middle of the Melbourne CBD. Normally the vantage point is closed to the public as it is supposed to only accessed by staff for cleaning. From this slightly elicit vantage point, I grabbed these two snaps of Melbourne trams which also lent themselves to the ’tilt zoom’ toy effect.

Have you managed to gain access to ‘off-limit’ zones in a city near you?



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