Armaments factory @ Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Armament factory, Bendigo.

I recently had the privilege of being allowed to photograph ‘certain areas’ within the  Armaments factory located at Bendigo, Victoria.

Built in the mid 1940s and located in Bendigo, Victoria, the armaments factory started with WWII production before moving into general heavy engineering. At the time of photography (Apr 2014), the site was owned by Thales Australia and primarily produces military grade armoured vehicles, specifically Bushmaster and Hawkei. In 2007, the facilities were inducted into the Business Victoria ‘Manufacturing Hall of Fame’.

Hidden away in some nooks, machinery dating back to the 1940s can still be found. Some look like their operators just vanished, leaving tools awaiting the return of their craftsman.

As with all heavy industries, safety is a driving priority and this facility clearly strives to maintain a safe working environment for its’ workers.

This historical and still producing facility is located next to the ‘Chinese Joss house‘ which holds significant ties to the Victorian gold rush and Chinese miners that worked the fields during the height of the rush, 1850 > 1900.

Do you have any historical factories around near you or even know a worker?

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Inside shop 9 – the floorboards are 95% original and were laid in the 1940s

Safety first – potentially dangerous items are coloured in warning yellow

Work safely, your family and friends want to see you again.

Older machinery can still be found in dis-used nooks

Some machinery looks like it was abandoned mid-shift

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