O’Keffe rail trail


O’Keffe rail trail bridge built ~1888

Originally a steam rail line built in 1888 by Andrew O’Keffe to service Bendigo to Axedale, the line fell into disrepair before new life was injected in the form of a converted bike trail by the Victorian state government. The bike trail provides a picturesque, gently sloped pathway with which to pass an afternoon jaunt along.


O’Keffe rail trail, looking west along the trail

I have always admired this bridge, one of the larger footbridges upon the rail trail, which resides on the outskirts of Bendigo and took the time recently to photograph it. The bridge is the last original wooden bridge on the 27km rail trail and is nestled on a creek-line with gentle rises at either side. Most cyclists use these slopes to gain momentum for the upward climb and fail to stop to take in the ~120 year old, hand crafted, steam era bridge.


O’Keffe rail trail bridge built ~1888

I hope that these pictures draw future passer-by’s attention to the craftsmanship to the work below their very feet.

P.S. My pictures are now being published in hi-res @ http://www.redbubble.com/people/shaynetwright


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2 Responses to O’Keffe rail trail

  1. PeterL says:

    Hi Shayne, really like your images of the bridge on the O’Keefe trail. Was trying to get nice images of the bridge at Smeaton yesterday. When did you say the next steam rail visit was running through Bendigo?
    Peter L

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