Urban Exploration & Street Art Pt3


Art is in the eye of the beholder. To some, street art is seen as childish scribbles whilst to others it is an under-appreciated form of expression.

In my urban exploration of the regional city of Bendigo, I have come across both. Tags and bad drawings are to be found in most corners of the under-city, as per pretty much every other man-made location on the face of the Earth. Yet amongst the junk, diamonds in the rough emerge.

The same applies to the view. An open drain, made from harsh concrete, hides a rich history of a gold rush that shaped Australia. The first photograph in this blog is taken only a few hundred meters from the CBD of a regional city of 100,000 people go about their daily lives, yet the blue stone drain bed that lies hidden amongst the concrete and weeds provides a reminder of were the town came from. One has but to just look around them with an eye for the past or beauty, awaiting discovery by someone whom will appreciate it.

Amongst the urban landscape, stories await discovery…


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