Advantages of a heat wave.


Over the past month, temperatures have regularly climbed over the 42 C / 108 F. Seeing the advantages of weeks of searing heat does require a creative mind, something I have been trying to cultivate as regular blog readers would know.

Over the past month or so of heatwaves, I reside in Australia not the northern hemisphere, between hiding in the pool and sweating, I have applied myself to completing the latest Cyber Nightmares novel. Development has seen me entwine the current story with some future ideas I had explored as optional story lines when I commenced. It all started as a short story and has now expanded to a two book series with at least two more in the pipe works.

The heatwave has given me the chance to ponder and explore not only the plot line but it has given me the chance to really develop the main character, Chris Whiteman. As the story took on a life of it’s own, organic character development just grew by itself.

So now I wait, fidgety, whilst the publisher goes over the latest novel before they deem it worthy for distribution.

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