Urban exploration & Street art…Pt 2

gillies pie site

Crawling over an old industrial area within Bendigo, I discovered a gem of local history overlaid with a treasure trove of street art hidden scheduled for gutting. By the time this article hits the internetz, the interior and art work will be long gone.

A great deal of the street work within the facilities compromised of tags which contribute to the social image of undesirable eye sores. One needs to look past these territorial stains and into the diamonds in the rough.

Continuing my urban exploration fun, I hope to capture a portion of that desirable portion of artwork before they are trans-mutated into six figure condos. Perhaps more shocking for prospective tenants, more so than the artwork, maybe the inside as it was gutted. Some unedited snapshots of the host site prior to refurbishment is included to add context to the location and cultural background of the street art.

Part 3 coming soon…until then, enjoy!

Street art inside

Inside gillies 9

Inside gillies 1

Inside gillies 2

Inside gillies 3

Inside gillies 4

Inside gillies 5

Inside gillies 6

Inside gillies 7

Inside gillies 8

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