Urban exploration & street art – controversial or contemporary?

Street art

Urban exploration is a growing interest across the globe. Just as street art fights for space against scrawling tags, the burgeoning artist struggles for canvas. Some call it incomprehensible filth yet to others they see modern Picasso’s.

Even in a medium-sized rural city like Bendigo in Victoria (Australia) has a fleeting hand in the colourful, witty and sometimes controversial. As per the intent of this blog, to recapture my creative side, I have been wandering down the concrete walkway of the local underworld. Along drains, under bridges and within dis-used facilities I have found a plethora of inspiration hidden from the general public by the shroud of fear and unknowing.

My urban exploration has dove tailed in nicely with the refreshing discovery of industrial and historical architecture. Dispersed amongst all of this has been the surprising discovery of old yet still producing fruit trees, once common place and used to feed people, but now replaced with non-productive ornamental plants.

In an ongoing series, I hope to bring a snippet of that art and architecture to the general population.

Do you see it is art, defacement of public property or perhaps even social commentary?

Statement Tommy gun otherside Pacman  Bluestone bridge

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