PRESS RELEASE: “Sisters of Salvation; Cult of Z”


Nuns, guns and zombies are the theme for Shayne’s latest novella.

The Sisters of Salvation, an 800 year old militant order within the Teutonic Knights, stand as the last line of defence for the human soul. Mother Superior Katherine Drexel has received reports, via the confessional intelligence network, that the most vile Cult of Z has arisen. All will have their faith tested however the Zombie hordes shall be halted! Well, that is the plan…

Currently available from smashwords

Available soon from Barnes and Noble, Diesel, Kobobooks and itunes.

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2 Responses to PRESS RELEASE: “Sisters of Salvation; Cult of Z”

  1. Bryan Taylor says:

    Shayne, let me know when your book is available on Amazon. I’ll try using Smashwords, haven’t done it yet, but hope it will work. You should check out my novel, The Three Sisters, which is available on Amazon and is a satire about three nuns who get in trouble with the law and become nuns on the run. I’m sure you’ll like it. Bryan Taylor

    • Bryan, Thanks for the feedback. SoS:CoZ will be out at via B&B, Diesel and Kobo in a few days. My current publisher doesn’t carry Amazon so maybe I shoiuld look into it some more. I look forward to grab a peek at The Three Sisters… 🙂

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