PRESS RELEASE: 2nd story published

Nature abhors a vacuum

With a great blasting of trumpets and fanfare, it is our distinct pleasure to announce the release of Shayne T Wright’s second novella, Nature Abhors a Vacuum.

Diverging in theme from his previous works in the Cyber crime / thriller genre, a leisurely hiatus into the dingy underworld of the dark thriller genre grew into a rekindled interest in the vein of classic 1970s – 80s B grade horror comedy / horror thriller movies. Unlike their contemporary modern counterparts that seek to shock with explicit scenes for the sake of gore and violence, Shayne strives to tantalise the fear from the unknown. Suspense and your imagination becoming the little fear riding on your shoulder from the opening scene to final twisting conclusion.

The latest story, Nature Abhors a Vacuum, is merely the start in an exploration of this genre. Another novella in this genre is already in post-production which is looking to build towards a series in its own right, The Sisters of Salvation.

Currently, a 30% preview for NAAV is available from smashwords to help you get a taste for quality and if you need further convincing, a full copy of the first short story in the Cyber Nightmare series is always available from good ebook retailers. Shayne’s published ebooks are available from;

Follow this blog to obtain early intelligence on Shayne’s upcoming short stories, novellas and full novels.

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