Use distractions before they become procrastinations!


Distractions abound in modern life, ranging from the flashy interntz through to the mundane yet relentless advertisements screaming “me me me” at every turn. All competing for your attention, dragging you away from the things you love; family and fun.

Those whom have been following my journey of rediscovery of personal imagination through this blog, will be aware that I have struggled focussing from time to time. Flitting between family commitments (which I do enjoy despite my sometimes grumpy appearance according to my wife!) to spreading my spare time thinly amongst a mixture of photography and writing. For the past several weeks, spring has finally sprung in southern Australia. The bursting forth of new life has proven a pleasant distraction resulting in many late nights playing with photographs, many of which I have published on the blog (the giraffe even won a prize from the Dubbo Zoo!). My wife and I (OK! so mainly my wife…) are whittling down this years collection to 3 or 4 which will be printed onto canvas to hang in pride of place within our parents retreat as a small indulgence, helping to recharge our severely depleted batteries

One of the downsides, as sad as it may be, is that my writing has played second fiddle. The next installment of my Cyber Nightmares series has been pushed back nearly a full four months! A serious distraction some would say however I have used it further refine the story AND develop a very gripping epilogue – something I was struggling to do.

Leveraging of the stalling, which was being compounded by a basic lack of drive to put finger to keyboard I must admit, I struck out on two other titles that had been floating around as concepts. A short story set about Nuns with Guns and another about Urban Legends, neither of which are in the cyber-criminal genre. This proved to be a most invigorating break over nearly 10 weeks. So much so that I;

  • Completed and submitted “Sisters of Salvation versus Cult of Z” to a writers competition. Results due out early October after which it will be available to the general public. Don’t worry, I will be doing a blog spot on it…I am almost bursting with anticipation!
  • Completed and am proofreading a horror story titled “Nature Abhors a Vacuum”. This will go to the press mid next week and once it is released into general population, I will punch out a huge victory song and dance blog spot…spreading my joy and fueling me on towards further success.
  • Drafted the epilogue and pushed ahead in “Cyber Nightmares:Autonomous Chaos”. Looking forward to moving into proofreading by mid-October.

In closing out todays rant, let me conclude by saying, distractions should not necessarily lead you into procrastination but you will need to channel yourself into making use of them.

Care to share with others any tips on using, not losing, distractions and the results you have achieved when you thought all might be lost?

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