New Wings of Glory Miniatures – A Quick Review

Only a few months ago I stumbled across a +15 year old copy of this game being played at a venue in Bendigo, Australia. IT IS BRILLIANT! As Blaine has pointed out, it really is a beer and skittles game using some basic props, a gris and a deck of cards. The bonus being games are generally start to finish in 10 minutes – well at least when I was flying. Now I have found the source, I shall be acquiring some for home.
A much simplier game than Warhammer or Battletech were players can play several games in an hour or so rather than pushing hard to complete just one.

Notes From The Bunker

When I was at Gen Con last month, I swung into  the Ares booth to stock up on some aircraft miniatures for Wings of Glory game.  I’m a Wings of Glory junkie – I’ll concede that.  They ran a great special, buy two get one free.
I opted to snag the new Hanriot HD.1, the Aviatik D.1, and the Sopwith Triplane.    I saw the DR 1 Triplanes too, so I grabbed an all-too-familiar red DR.1 piloted by Manfred von Richthofen.
Okay, the photos do a good job of speaking for themselves.  Let me say this, this metal miniatures have some incredibly intricate paint jobs.  Ares is to be commended on that front.  The quality of the paint jobs is outstanding.    Check out the paint scheme on Mario Fucini’s Italian Hanriot.  It is very intricate for the level of detail.   I’ve noticed on eBay that a cottage industry has sprung…

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