Practice, practice, practice and a side dish of experimentation.


Emotions are one of the strongest character traits that exist within the human psyche, both good and bad. Through “An author’s journey”, I try to interpret the world around me into a package that provokes an emotional response for others.

In my daily effort to shake of the shackles imposed by decades of engineering logic, I seek to drag up emotions boiling within my depths. Sometimes these burst forth as a flurry of words, splashed into story before simmering and sometimes congealing in a tepid slosh. At other times, the spark comes barreling down the lens of my camera to germinate into things of post-processing beauty.

Over the past six months, my photography techniques and results have grown to capture true beauty in both nature and man – IMHO. The material in this post may not be your “cup of tea” however I hope you can rise above these preconceptions and enjoy the objectives for what they mean to you, be it classic gothic architecture or religious edifice.

Practice, practice, practice and a side dish of experimentation has provided me with the nutrition required to grow as an artist, both author and photographer.

I encourage everyone whom reads this, to wander along their own version of “An Author’s journey” and discover your own  talents that lay dormant deep within.




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