Love the undead, cultists or nuns with guns?


Zombies here, Zombies there, Zombies every bloody where. It seems like every where you turn these days, they are there waiting to ambush you; at the cinema, the latest novel or comicon event.

Just like a B-grade horror tragic, I too have succumbed to relentless tide of the undead. Having steered clear of the creatures for the past year, I became aware of a zombie short story competition in Australia. With procrastination as my current companion on Cyber Nightmares #2, I delved into the underworld to complete a submission in an effort to kick start my writing mojo.

Three weeks and four edits later, the extra flesh was trimmed down to the bone from ~6000 to ~3600 words. The submission guidelines being <5000 words. With the undead criteria met, the story was entombed.

Unfortunately for my readers / followers, I can not say much more until judging is completed at the end of August (this year) however the dead shall arise a week or two after the decisions have been made. 

So if you love the undead, cultists or nuns with guns in your horror stories, then watch this space closely…

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