Zombie railways or railway graveyard – your decision is…?

rail grave test 

Over the past few weeks, a few colleagues and myself have been strolling past a “Railway Graveyard” were weary work horses come to rest before death or reincarnation….graveyard or zombies?

Zombie train set….what the hell are you smoking I hear you say.

Well, in our central Victorian town of Bendigo (pop ~100k so not that small really), there is a company that acquires old carriages and engines for rebuilding – Southern Shorthaul Railroad. They grab them by the fistful then chop, gut and rebuild these decades old workhorses for another working life carting seasonal loads such as grain and freight. These seasonal loads are all across the country and they fit in where it the regular fleet is to small to fill the surge work.

So what am I doing running around this site?

I have generally worked in heavy industry and there is a family link to rail. Upon finding this place stashed away in the industrial part of town, on an old siding, I just had to grab some photographs.

So on a drizzling Saturday after noon, I dashed out with family in tow to grab the shots. Some of them I processed on Sunday evening and have them here to share. Another batch will be ready over the coming days however I really do need to mix it up with the Dubbo zoo pics still in the waiting line…

Once this series is complete, sometime this week, I intend to title the album with something suitably arty like “Zombie trains” or “Railway Graveyard”. Whilst writting this blog, it coccured to me were these temes were sprining from. I am currently about 75 through writing up a new short story for a horror writing event and you guessed it, the theme is Zombies!

So for now, please enjoy some rebirthing railways…and help me to decide a theme by voting for the album title. 

rail grave test 2 -.5_0_1_tonemapped_edited-1 rail grave next 0_1_-1_tonemapped_edited-1

rail grave test

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3 Responses to Zombie railways or railway graveyard – your decision is…?

  1. scipiowest says:

    May I suggest, “Workhorse Graveyard”?

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