300 wins and counting….


Wahooooooo…figures are in for the end of June 2013! My first novella has passed 300 downloads in  the past 5 reporting months since it launched. For me this is a huge personal victory with an average of 2 copies a day being downloaded by a new reader.

“Just two per day..?!?”, I hear people say, “Why bother?”

Well, although I am not going to retire any time soon, I do it for;

  • the love of writing,
  • the joy I get out of peoples responses,
  • the looks I imagine on their faces as a new download is read, but most of all
  • because story telling is fun!

I want to thank those whom have downloaded the novella (putting it in the top 50 of its genre at kobo books), my family and most of all my wife for being my editor and sounding board.

This news of 300 downloads really invigorates me as I move forward with a few more active works, some might say diversions, including;

Please help me to celebrate this personnel milestone with a few words of encouragement and I look forward to celebrating the 1000 mark by the end of the year.

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