3 tips for taming the beast of imagination…


Over the past 4 weeks  since my last blog, I have been battling the beast within my writing personae. My original target audience for Cyber Nightmares: Autonomous Chaos called for a target length of no more than 5k words. The target being a set of 5 short stories that commuters could read comfortably in a 20~30 min train ride either in a single event or ½ on each leg of the journey to work and back. That plot was fleshed out in late December 2012.

The beast has grown over nearly 4 months to now be 15k words, you read that right – 15k words, and is only 60% complete. I found the story line to be so compelling and intricate that I couldn’t help myself but to add more and more of the supporting plots. The feedback from my first short story in the series, Cyber Nightmares: For the sake of 9 million, was that I dumped to much high tech plot line into the readers lap. This left them with a sense of awe but also the need to research what on earth I was talking about if they wanted to know why / how something worked. So, applying this lesson learnt, I have gone into more explanatory detail of the technology, motives and the locations.

This has not been all bad as I have really enjoyed learning and applying the techniques necessary to bring the high tech to life in every day terms for the average joe reader. Coupling this with more detailed story telling of the environment and character development, I hope to provide a vibrant tale of cyber-crime and terrorism to life that both tantalises whilst confronting the reader with the eternal question of “What if…?”.

So with all this banging around in my head and finally hitting the keyboard with it in the late hours of the night, the primary time I write as I do have a day job plus a family, I have continued to explore my photography. This avenue has helped my remain creative without going any more insane.

 On the blog today I have 4 pics to share my creative diversions with the world;

  1. Dunedoo, pronounced “Dunny doo”, country rail and grain depot. This was from a recent road trip and I have tried some water colour washes for an experiment in effects (very happy with the result over the original picture). See top of blog
  2. The Bendigo Cathedral at night – the last gothic cathedral built in the southern hemisphere and the largest in Australia. A composite shot consisting of 2 shots tall by 4 shots long then stitched together. See bottom of blog
  3. The Bendigo Cathedral at night – the last gothic cathedral built in the southern hemisphere and the largest in Australia. A single shot. See bottom of blog
  4. Earth’s moon. My sci-fi side came out in the title. This is a composite shot using my new tripod. See bottom of blog

Back to the title of this blog, Three tips for taming the beast of imagination, so here are my top three personal tips; 

  1. Diversion Divert your creative side to another complimentary area to avoid stagnation or burnout.
  2. ListenDon’t just ask for feedback but apply it.
  3. ExploreDevelop a backstory for your characters and explore that influence.

 Care to share your personal tips with the rest of us mere mortals?



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