Sneak peak at novella 2 – Autonomous Chaos

G’Day all,

You may have seen my novel deadline dates bouncing around a bit due to unforeseen circumstances. I understand the frustration that builds from changing deadlines so I have decided to provide a sneak peak at the new book.

The development process for this novel has been challenging in the areas of ;

  1. Originality – keeping it fresh
  2. Character development – trying out a variety of personalities with back stories
  3. Research – maintaining technical accuracy has proved to be great fun but time consuming
  4. word count – has ballooned in size from the original forecast of~7000 words to over 10000 and I am expecting for it to settle for print at around 15000~18000.

All in all, I am hoping to bring my readers the best possible adventure whilst also challenging their perceptions of the world around them.

Please enjoy this excerpt and stay tuned for the upcoming release of Cyber Nightmares #2: Autonomous Chaos.

The first train had been hijacked 45 minutes prior but he was sure that this operation had been in the pipelines by someone for some while.

The threat think tank had given rise to three main possible threat entities.

The first threat under consideration was driven by economic warfare – South America. The Chilean and Brazilian governments were in direct competition with a relatively junior role in the worlds iron ore supply to China compared to Australia. Their respective joint ventures were seeking to wrench lucrative deals from the Australian market as they were reaching a critical mass in supply. Derailment of a large part of Australia’s export capability would push that transition over to them. However, intelligence indicated that they did lack the technical expertise to mount a direct assault of the calibre currently underway.

The second threat was considered to be form of indirect economic warfare – the United States of American. The US government’s economy had gone right down the plug hole over recent years with the advent of a double dip recession and a large part of the voting public were pointing the finger squarely at the outsourcing of their manufacturing sector to China. The indirect disruption of nearly 50% of China’s raw steel supply of Iron Ore would put a major dent in their economy and provide leverage for the security argument driving for the relocation of key manufacturing back to US shores. If it was the US, it definitely wasn’t their first covert cyber assault and wouldn’t be their last – even on a supposed allies, if it served their wider plans.

The last credible threat was considered the worst – a random. Some fruit loop, or a bunch of fruit loops, had gotten it in their collective heads to cause some good old fashioned chaos. The worst of the fruit loops were those that had been cross-breed with a hunger for cash, resulting in modern day cyber warfare mercenaries. These kinds were the hardest to track down but the easiest to physically remove from the face of the earth once found in the real world. This ease of erasure was because their once benevolent masters found them to be disposable – as is the nature of a mercenary.

A sharp beep followed by a rapid thunk informed Chris that the secure room had just been accessed via the main door off to his left, just out of sight from his attention area which was currently the main network activities on the central screen of his workstation. Given that the panopticon was in full lock down, that narrowed the presence down to three people – himself, his second in command or the director. Given that himself and the 2IC were already working the problem, it only left the director.

Swiveling in his chair, Chris glanced up at the CERT director.

Sir, to what level of pleasure do we owe this honour?”, rolled the satirical greeting from Chris’ lips.

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