Dangar falls, not a typo…

G’Day to my regular readers, hello to new vistors from the upper levels of the web and shout out to all the /b/ people who stumbled upon my blog from the deep dark web.

If you have seen my last post or two, you will be aware that the family (including me *wink*) ditched the worries of the world for about ten days by embarking on a 2600km (~1600km) road trip.


This trip took us from Bendigo (point A) to the world famous Tarango Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo, through to Armidale (point B) were we enjoyed time with family as well as the views of Dangar National Park before returning home via Parkes and stopping in at the radio telescope, known as “the dish”, that received the first signals for man’s first steps on the moon.

Along the way, I explored my creative side through photography. I have been processing these pics and trying to further my next Cyber Nightmare novel, Autonomous Chaos.

During the last few days I have managed to take a hour or three to prepare pictures from Dangar Falls. These falls stand about 120~130m tall however it had not rained for a few weeks so they were very dry. The silver lining to this was that we could actually see the bottom of the fall site which is normally absured by mist.

One of the MAJOR highlights for me was the visit to the Dish. For over 20 years, we have driven by this facility in on the edge of the New South Wales plains, just outside Parkes, and this year we stopped in. For me, it was like going to Disneyland. This facility was instrumental in the first moon landings and is still one of the major radio astronomy telescopes being used around the world today.

Over the next few days I hope to release more picures to include the Dubbo Zoo animals, bolder natural landscape shots of Australia and some macro work on wonderful native flowers.

Please let me know if any particular pictures tickle your fancy or if you have ever had a child hood dream come true, such as my “dish” experience…others might think your mad but deep down inside you love it and know it too   🙂

Dangar Falls – Above the falls

IMG_4612 copy



Dangar Falls – The canyon and falls


Dangar falls – The canyon as seen from the falls top


The Dish – Parkes radio telescope


Sample macro shot of my next set – A Fig that the Rosella’s had beaten us too…


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