Creative recharge

Howdy all, I am currently recharging my creative batteries via 10 day family holiday. Our holidays is taking form of a ~2500km round road trip ( about 1600 miles ). This has given me the opportunity to recharge my creative batteries and take a huge pile of photographs.

The list of pending picture areas include:

  1. Dubbo western plains zoo
  2. Dangar falls national park
  3. Parkes radio telescope – famous for moon landing receiver dish during Apollo 11

These pickiest should be ready within 2-3 weeks.

As I am currently restricted to an ipad, the processing and posting of pickiest will have to wait a week or so. This also has impacted on my writing time but provided space to think, dream and be creative. On our journey, a new title exploded from our collective minds during a “lively” family chat – “A fistful of discipline”. This title has given birth to a new episode in my “Unnatural Fight Club series”, which will be added to the completion pending list 🙂

On another really fun upside, I have had a chance to catch up on a fair chunk of reading. A friend of mine, Tara-Lee Green, has released her first short story on smash words. The title is “Running on empty” and it is a zombie short story. I recommend dropping in for a read of my review and her book.

A zombie short story by Tara-Lee Green

A zombie short story by Tara-Lee Green

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