FTL drive theory and weaponisation

Whilst conducting some research for Cyber Nightmares #2, I got distracted with some research for a new sci-fi anthology I am working on and I stumbled across some great info on current Faster Than Light (FTL) theories and R&D acivities to turn them in to reality.

The part that really got my attention is that it turns out the Alcubierre drive can not only propel a ship FTL but it “eats” holes through any matter in its path.

The theory has been so well received that NASA is funding a program to make a prototype. This lead me to the posibility of using the alcubierre drive as a weapons system in Cyber Nightmares #4.

What do you think – an interesting choice of protagonest tooling or a step to far?


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3 Responses to FTL drive theory and weaponisation

  1. Micah Holmes says:

    Nasty way to use it, but I suppose if you’re looking for an “Alderaan Affect” plot point it strikes me as proper.
    Personally, I’d save it for the, “Hold on and watch this $#!t” escape plan that puts the aforementioned hole(s) through one or several spacecraft/stations/etc. ;3

    • Great points Micah. I hadnt figured a plot use yet aside from the scale of the device drives the effect such as a pocket version to flash burn through a building, or out of an underground bunker right through to the Alderan effect.

  2. Boothby171 says:

    Read my chapter on “The Technology of Ender’s Game” in “The Authorized Ender Companion.” I go into great detail about the Alcubierre Drive, and its weaponization.


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