Coolest father in the world?

How does leaving a family photo on the moon rate in the coolest Dad competition? Pretty high I think…

This interesteing little feat, carried out by Charles Duke on Apollo 16’s moon mission, caught my attention.

It adds inspiration and creativity to the idea of stange momentos, trinkets and tokens a space fairing explorer might stumble across in the black frontier…

Please share your thoughts on what else might be randomly left out there by others?


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2 Responses to Coolest father in the world?

  1. Forrest says:

    “on the moon that was enclosed in a plastic bag”?
    How’d they get the lander down through the bag?

  2. Phil Conner says:

    Eugene Cernan was going to write his daughter Tracy’s name in the moon dust on a large rock but got lost in his timeline and never got to do it. Years later, Alan Bean was doing a painting of Cernan on the moon and asked Gene to print Tracy’s name as he would have in the dust. Gene did so and Al incorporated into the painting 🙂

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