Bogans, birthdays and burnouts

I had the distinct pleasure of being invited to, and partaking in, an event rarely witnessed by the outside public….a BOGAN BIRTHDAY!!!

Well, sort of a bogan birthday, it was a 40th with the theme of Bogans.

For those unfamilair with the term bogan, this is what wiki has to say about them…”The term bogan is Australian and New Zealand slang, usually pejorative or self-deprecating, for an individual who is recognised to be from an unsophisticated background or someone whose limited education, speech, clothing, attitude and behaviour exemplifies a lack of manners and education“.

So, I whipped up some snap shots of Bogans, birthday festivities and burnouts for your viewing pleasure. I have selected a sample to refine and a number of others that are raw (unedited in any way)  that are under the photographs page.

Main bogan sporting events for the festivities included;

  1. Bogan bash figure 8 paddock race
  2. Bonfire burnoff
  3. Broken bogan chariot bonnet sliding
  4. Bogan burnouts (video clips pending)

If you recognise ANY bogan’s on this site, please refrain from blurt out their true identity as some wish to remain “closet” bogans…

During the trip I also took a number of quality lanscapes which will be polished up between editing sessions for my next novel – Cyber Nightmares:Autonomous Chaos. 

Check out ebook #1 for free – Cyber Nightmares:For the sake of 9 million.

What do bogan’s in your area get up to for fun? Let us all know via comments…






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3 Responses to Bogans, birthdays and burnouts

  1. Hilarious – love it.

  2. Stateside, we call them rednecks, and I may or may not be descended from a long line of them. This reminds me of mudracing in the fields before planting…

  3. boot87 says:

    I just thought set of Mad Max haha

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