Professional impacts…

It is with a sad heart that I must announce the delay of the next novella in my Cyber Nightmares series due to professional commitments…but just for four weeks.

Writting is a passion of mine however it doesn’t put food on the table nor a roof over my family’s head hence why my paying professional work comes first.

I have several upsides to this though;

  1. The extra time should allow me to add one or two more chapters that add to the story but were originally dropped to fit with the original schedule – so now a “directors cut”
  2. I will release one or two sample sections over the next few weeks via my blog
  3. I have a steady stream of photography works to release.

In closing, I humbly beseach your paitence and hope this does not diminish your appetite for the next installment of Cyber Nightmares…

IMG_1776 copy

A rose, tended by my wife, blooms in summer.

IMG_3254 copy

A small skink, about 3 inches long, poses for a photo on my back veranda.

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