Sci-fi inspiration

As a huge Sci-fi fan and having enjoyed anime since I discovered it in the mid 80s with the likes of Robotech, an Americanisation of 3 Japanese animes including Macross, I can’t go past Macross Frontier for sci-fi inspiration.

As my latest novel is rushing head long to the finishline, I need some get up and go inspiration to which Macross Frontier delivers in spades…plus it helps me to expand my culture  🙂

P.S. my love for anime grew into sourcing shows like Akira from specialist shops via BBS and speciality shops…i.e. before the net became mainstream  😉

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One Response to Sci-fi inspiration

  1. angelfox22 says:

    Of interest Kawamori was involved in Aquarion series and AKB0048. If you like Macross Frontier should have a look at Aquarion EVOL. Similar to MacrossF series but no idols. Also AKB0048 is very inspirational. That’s rebel space idols with mecha and micsabers. Worth watching for the gorilla live concerts.

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