Iran + Photoshop = LOLs

I often laugh at the stupidity of Governments, I also cry at their ineptitude too and every now and then I get to do BOTH! Muuuhahahaha…

A friend pointed an article out to me today, which details the Iranian Governments attempt to convince it’s populance that they have the latest and greatest infidile wacking stealth fighter. So how do you convince the public that your recently unveiled wacky mock up can actually fly?

1. Grab some dolt,

2. Download a copy of photoshop (screw the embargoes the guy has limited interwebz access maybe?),

3. Give said dolt a happy snap of the stealth plane from a display at a public unveiling – from a gantry (reason revealed in step 4) and 30 mins training on said software,

4. Let the dolt pick a suitable airborne background – because it doesn’t really fly,

5. Grab a picturesque airborne shot – with the power of the newly available interwebz, and

6. Smash the two pics together.


A photo-shoot to throw at the unsuspecting public. Only one catch, your new press release makes it out to the rest of the world whom PISS themselves laughing at the dodgy primary school photoshop effort but what the heck, it may have convinced the locals…..

Having seen this transpire I couldn’t help myself but to photoshop some of Iran’s latest and greatest missions over the last 24 hours. A news scoop perhaps or a viral chain of events?

First a recap…the original show display and the virtual fly over

Image   Image

Mission 1 – One small leap for Man, One giant leap for IRAN


Mission 2 – Next stop, recon Mars


Mission 3 – After missions 1 & 2, seeing of a US attack sub is a walk in the park


This is classic Government inspiration in showing the public just what idiots they think their populace actually is, not to mention the wider world.

Please leave your recommendation for the next Iranian mission and watch for updates…

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2 Responses to Iran + Photoshop = LOLs

  1. Next mission: text in Farsi!

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