Inspirations – technology challanges the world order

As I keep my eyes peeled over the world wide web and its “evil twin sister” – the deep dark web, oh and not lets forget the version even I fear to tread the “big brother of the underworld” – the TOR web, I come across subtle shifts in society that I can foresee bubbling to the surface to disrupt the upper echelons.I have subtly revealed an intro to the cyber underworld, don’t think crime gangs but an entire series of alternate webs hidden in plain sight from average Joe.

One of the good/bad, *cue Obi wan Kenobi voice* dependent upon a certain point of view, is the rise and rise of Bitcoin as a legitimate non-government form of money.

A recent article, Why Bitcoin is the banking industry’s newest, biggest threat – Business – , just screams out  “vive la internetz revolution!”.

This form of non-govt transaction harks back to the rise of the barter system but with the whole world as our village. I find this whole aspect inspirational…and believe it demands a rise in profile within my Cyber Nightmare novel series.

So, watch your world for the rise of bitcoins as it claws its way out of the deep dark web and into the light as a beautiful woman of the non-govt financial world.



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