Rebirthing of creativity

For the past 20 years I have submerged myself in science and facts through the wonderful world of engineering. As a result, I have not necessarily suppressed but definitely had my creative side play second fiddle.

In about Q3 last year (there goes the factual side again), we acquired a camera and I started in earnest to rebirth my visual creativity side in a n effort to provide an overall outlet.

I am not sure how to handle this aspect of my personality as I love going to art galleries and such but it does seem quite “airy fairy” and foreign to me. I have though fallen for  a series of landscapes and scenes from the nearby regional art gallery. I will endeavor to find a link to my favorite and provide my view point at a later date.

For now, I would like to share some pictures I took in Oct ~ Nov 2012 which I am leveraging off to grow my thoughts in a different direction to the factual dissecting of my normal pattern…to achieve this I have opened a new tag titled “Photography”, I know I know, not the most creative title but hey! I am working on it and I need people to recognise it at a glance.Image

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One Response to Rebirthing of creativity

  1. An interesting contrast, the triangular 89 sign and the free and wild ocean and sky. =0). Kind of a great representation of what you’re talking about yes? All linear, angles, color and emergencies -so humanly contrived vs. a great shot of what is not so. Splendid nature devised with far more precision and attention to detail but done with an artists flair!

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