Kick off

We all begin somewhere in our journey, be as a baby starting life, an apprentice learning a trade or a surgeon on their solo operation. Each one of us has a great journey to tell the world and I hope you will join me on my journey into authorship.

WIth all that carry on in the first paragraph anyone would think I was making a major commitment like getting married or having a kid. Well, been there and done that! This journey, although less confrontational on a personally emotional level, I am sure that my efforts to maintain this blog will produce ups and downs in much the same manor.

Spurts of grandeur, stalled deserts of progress and best of all the highs of triumph.

Having blurted all this out, no recuts or edits, just a blast from the heart an mind – I ask you to join me on my journey as I explore my desire to write for personal pleasure in an effort to convey those movies within my head that just scream out to me. Over the next 12 months, I want to share with you the progress and pitfalls of going from ideas, to plotline and through to print.

I have already completed my first short story / novella, Cyber Nightmares: for the sake of nine million. Over the next few weeks I will post some blogs on the background and the intertwining characters and back story that I will craft through my Cyber Nightmares series. You will see in my widget and some of you might already know,  I am currently writing out novella two in the series Cyber Nightmares: Autonomous Chaos.

Number three in the series will be Cyber Nightmares: Snarfed. I have already scoped out a detailed plot line and we will see her the introduction of a new class of weapon seldom discussed in the western world.

Number four is firming up to be Cyber Nightmares: Quantum shift. A basic back plot is

under development however not much more than the technology focus has been conceptualized.

Number five is currently undecided. I think calling the blog followers for their preference sounds like a good idea so watch this space!

My plan is to put these five novellas in to a single anthology upon completion of #5.

Alas now I must get back to Autonomous Chaos. No rest for the wicked…


Cyber Nightmares: A series of short hacks

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One Response to Kick off

  1. Remy Benoit says:

    Looks like a fun journey.

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